Virtual Kids Educational Camp: Age 12 – 16 (3-Class Camp – Criminal Justice Level 4 – Homicide Investigators #1 )


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(3-Class Camp) Criminal Justice 4 – Caught Red-Handed / Homicide Investigators Edition : Social Studies – Civics – Law

Next Class: TBD or by request


You may enroll here on – Upon registration we will email the class zoom information
Enrollment Deadline: 24 hours before start time


Dear Parents,

Please read this before selecting this class. Please (do not) enroll in this class if your student has not yet taken Criminal Justice 1 – the student (must) have taken my Criminal Justice 1 Class in order to have successful participation in this class. Thank you!

We use multiple video examples and then we test each concept by quizzing the students. Students in this age category are not as willing to engage verbally and this model works best and most efficiently to actually teach the concepts in the lesson curriculum. Before enrolling, please consider if this model is a good fit for your student and please also read the information below in the “Learner Supply”. After enrolling, please read the full listing of class requirements in the Welcome/Classroom area to confirm that this class is a good fit for your student. We appreciate your consideration and your enrollment.

This is an advanced level addendum to my Intro to Criminal Justice 1, 2 and 3 Courses. It is suggested that students take the prior classes before taking this class as we will build on principles we have already learned about the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution as it relates to the U.S. Criminal Justice System. This is a (3-Part) Social Studies, Civics, Law course in which students learn aspects of private loss prevention (prevention of loss from theft/shoplifting) as well as law enforcment professionals’ execution of criminal arrest Operations in connection with the following topics:

– Class 1 : Forensics and autopsy Techniques – Face Prints / Facial Recognition Technology
– Class 2 : Crime Scene Investigation Techniques / Balistics & Bullet Trajectory
– Class 3 : Fingerprints / Print lifting Techniques


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