OneNote Student (Year Long) Notebook Template


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OneNote Student (Year Long) Notebook Template

Pre-made OneNote Student (Year Long) Notebook Template.  If you do not receive a downloadable link, your OneNote Student (Year Long) Notebook Template information will be emailed to you within 4 to 6 hours of payment.

If you have not already done so, you should immediately download a free copy of OneNote which will require that you provide an email address that will be linked to your OneNote account which will also provide you with access to Microsoft One Drive which is where the cloud files for OneNote are maintained.  It should be the same email address used in this email
Then go to your OneDrive “shared” files. You should see the notebook there. Rename the notebook.  Save the renamed notebook as your master template and make other copies from the template for use. Thereafter, open the notebook in your desktop version, then sync the Online copy to your desktop version. You can also repeat these steps for the cellphone version.
This is (my) preferred method. Go to your desktop version of OneNote and create an entirely new notebook. Then right click on the first section. Then select “copy” to copy the section. You will be taken to a page containing your open notebooks. Select the notebook where you want to copy the section and select copy to copy the section into the new notebook. Repeat this step until all sections are copied. Sync the new notebook to make sure all sections are completely synced into the new notebook. Use this new notebook as your main template going forward.
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