(Course): OneNote for Law Students


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OneNote For Law Students

In this Course, I’m going to show students (specifically Law Students) how to increase productivity, efficiency, and organization by moving from hand written notes to using OneNote for study-related notes.  The following is an overview of this course:

Part 1 – Course Introduction;

Part 2 – How to create OneNote Notebooks, Sections, Pages and Subpages;

Part 3 – How to use the OneNote Screen Clipper Tool to insert screen clippings and how to insert Files and Printouts to insert documents such as Course Syllabi, Course Schedules, etc.;

Part 4 – How use the Microsoft Office Lens app to scan quick images of the whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation during class and of pages of books and other periodicals using your cellphone; and how to save them on your cellphone version of your OneNote Notebook and immediately sync them instantaneously to all other versions of your OneNote Notebook; and

Part 5 – How to turn on the OneNote Dictation Tool to dictate notes during study sessions and class and how to turn on the OneNote Audio Recording Tool to record audio during study sessions and class and store them on your OneNote Notebook Pages.

You may also be interested in our pre-made OneNote Student (Year Long) Notebook Template or our pre-made OneNote Student (Semester) Notebook Template.