(COURSE ONLY): How to Make a OneNote e-Trial Notebook


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PREVIEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/cjGPeOx1meU

Course entitled “Electronic e-Trial Notebooks Using OneNote” 

The Course is a study of all aspects of constructing an Electronic e-Trial Notebook using OneNote electronic notebook technology. Since constructing a good trial notebook should begin when the case first comes into the law office, this course will cover every aspect of pre-trial, trial and post-trial practice and procedure. This educational knowledge will import with technological advances which make it possible to take thousands of pages of trial documents and store them in the cloud providing real-time access to all members of the trial team as well as back-up of all materials.

Access to the course video will be emailed to you within 4 hours of payment.

*** Please also note that the this course includes a course update video. The original video was designed with pause points giving students time to stop and actually do some of the activities. So please fast-forward the video to get to the next lesson during this particular video. ***


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