(COURSE): How to Get Away with Contracts Episode 1 (Special)


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** Translated into 6 Languages – 6 Language Captions: English, Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Portugese and Spanish **

We all encounter situations in life in business that require written contracts or agreements. Unfortunately, too many people sign them without really understanding what they mean; and many times people use contracts that do not solve all of the business issues (problems) that result from the goal of the contract. This is because they do not understand how to determine what those problems may be. On a basic level, we cannot solve a problem if we do not know what the problem(s) is/are.

Taught by business attorney and contracts and transactions professor of law, this book will show you everything you need to know to draft a contract, minimize your risk, protect your personal or business interests and create a win-win situation when drafting, negotiating, and signing contracts of any type for any transaction or deal.

In this Episode, we explore the case of “The Home Addition that Never Adds Up”, and I show you how the Rileys could have negotiated a better deal and reduced their risk of being railroaded by a realtor. By applying contract writing skills learned in my book entitled: “Contract Writing for Dummies”, we will learn how to draft a real estate home purchase contract that adds value to the deal!

  • 6 Language Translation Captions: Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Portugese, Spanish
  • Also included (BOOK #1):  A Copy of my Amazon Book entitled “How to Get Away with Contracts Episode #1: How to Write a Real Estate Home Purchase Agreement“, which also includes SAMPLES OF REAL ESTATE CONTRACTS AND DOCUMENTS (IN ADDITION TO THE SAMPLES LISTED BELOW).
  • In additon, also included is (BOOK #2) a copy of my previously published Amazon Book entitled “Contract Writing for Dummies ~ Plus ~ Sample Agreements & Contract Samples
    • House Purchase Agreement
    • Car Purchase Agreement
    • Aircraft Purchase AgreementAsset Purchase Agreement (for any asset other House/Car/Aircraft)
    • Employment Agreement
    • Independent Contractor Agreement
    • House Purchase Agreement (Text Explanations)
    • Website Development Agreement (2 Versions) (Text Explanations)
    • Assignment and Assumption Agreement (Text Explanations)
    • Bill of Sale (Text Explanations)


Now, doesn’t this all sound very exciting?

Well, let’s get started!


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